Add-Remove Master

Add-Remove Master 6.0

Keep your computer clean removing unused programs


  • It uninstalled programs that Win uninstaller couldn't remove


  • Doesn't detect all installed programs
  • Doesn't always delete all program's folders


Uninstalling applications you don't use anymore is a good habit to maintain computer stability. Unfortunately the default uninstall function in Windows doesn't always perform very well.

Sometimes it simply doesn't give you the option to uninstall a program; at other times, it doesn't delete the program's folder and registry entries.

When you have trouble uninstalling programs, you can seek help from specific software like Add-Remove Master. The application is very easy to use and all you have to do is to select the programs you want to get rid of, and press the uninstall button.

Multiple selections don't work, so you will have to repeat the procedure for each program you want to delete. Although the program works better than the Windows uninstaller, it is not as accurate as you would need.

Even if it asks you whether you want to delete folders and registry entries, I've found some folders of uninstalled programs in the System's Programs folder.

Also, it couldn't find all the programs installed on my PC that I wanted to delete.

Add-Remove Master worked better than the pre-installed function in Windows, but it's not the ultimate uninstall software as it failed to detect all the programs installed and left behind program's folders.

Add-Remove Master is an easy & powerful Utility to help you to uninstall unneeded programs and remove it's unused files from your computer, it also can help you to install a new programs, organize installed programs and many other features.

Add-Remove Master provides a basic use mode for beginners and also provides a lot of features for advanced users, Like Editing programs uninstall information.

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