Asus Ai Charger

Asus Ai Charger 1.03.00

Charge your Apple devices via your PC's USB port


  • Recharge your iPad, iPhone, and iPod via USB
  • Compatible with all PCs
  • Light on resources


  • Very few customization options

Very good

Asus Ai Charger is a tiny Windows utility that increases power in USB ports so you can charge your Apple devices without problems. It is compatible with all PCs, but its performance is higher with Asus motherboards.

If your PC's USB ports do not provide enough power to charge your iPad, iPhone, or iPod, you'll see a message near the battery icon, letting you know your device isn't charging.

This is because some motherboards don't send enough power through USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports to properly charge some devices. Good thing there's Asus Ai Charger that you can use to combat this issue.

Asus Ai Charger is easy to install, but requires a system reboot before you use it. Once installation is complete, just plug in your Apple device via USB and it'll start recharging. It really is as simple as that.

Asus Ai Charger is compatible with all PCs, but the tool's developers do admit that Asus motherboards get recharge speeds of up to 50% higher. There aren't really any configuration options, but at least the app's simple to use and gets the job done.

Asus Ai Charger is a really useful tool for owners of Apple devices who want to charge their devices via their PC's UB.

Asus Ai Charger


Asus Ai Charger 1.03.00

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