Blood & Glory

Blood & Glory 1.1.5

Hack-and-slash gladiator style


  • Impressive graphics
  • Solid gameplay
  • Hilarious voiceovers
  • NR contains blood


  • Control response problems
  • Repetitive


Blood & Glory is a hack-and-slash game on Android.

The game parallels the gameplay mechanics of Infinity Blade. Players have to slash, dodge, and block enemies as they work through levels of tournaments. Blood & Glory increases the difficulty of each tournament by allowing the enemies to chain attacks together. Expect to swipe on the screen and hold on-screen buttons on the borders when playing Blood & Glory.

Players are also able to attack with combinations, but they are difficult to execute before the enemy recovers. The response time in Blood & Glory is what lacks the most. It takes long presses for the game to recognize different moves.

Blood & Glory does have impressive visuals. The character models contain a lot of detail, especially with lighting effects. The game has great animation as well when Blood & Glory is not occasionally lagging. The core of Blood & Glory is solid, but there is a lack of polish that restrains the fun of the game.

Microtransactions are supported in Blood & Glory. While most of the items can be bought with in-game currency, there are some high level items that require Glu currency. It does not subtract from the gameplay, but Blood & Glory pushes these items in the in-game store.

Blood & Glory contains a great foundation of gameplay and visuals, but needs polish to fix small issues.

Blood & Glory


Blood & Glory 1.1.5

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