Build an ancient metropolis all your own


  • Interesting and original idea
  • Includes mythological elements
  • Many hours of gameplay


  • Early stages of play can be a bit boring

Very good

Grepolis is a browser-based strategy game set in ancient Greece.

If you're a huge fan of games that require forethought, as well as some architectural savvy, Grepolis will probably be right up your alley. You can build your own ancient Greek city and then share in your new world's spoils of conquest, with some help from the gods.

Grepolis is a fun and original browser game, where you start from a small city and build your way up to as large of a metropolis as you can manage. Along the way, you'll engage in battles with neighboring cities and take advantage of their weaknesses to increase your own strength.

You can more easily ensure victory by building up your army and navy to help you conquer other lands and islands. Spoils of war also help fund your building projects back home.

As with other games of its nature, Grepolis requires patience while starting out, as it takes time to build up your city, form alliances and train your army. One of the most interesting aspects of Grepolis is simply its setting in ancient Greece and its use of mythological elements involving the gods from Greek history.

Grepolis is a game that's not for the impatient, as it takes times to build up your initial polis into a huge metropolis.


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