Icy Tower

Icy Tower 1.5.2

The cult classic platform game on Mac


  • Faithful to the original
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Customisable characters


  • Does not work on Lion or Mountain Lion


Icy Tower was a cult classic game on Windows and after many years, it has finally been released for Mac.

The Mac version is faithful to the original and follows the same format. Icy Tower is a platform game where the aim is to simply score as many points as you can. It features customizable characters, hidden doors, levels and lots of obstacles and challenges to make climbing the Icy Tower as difficult as possible. The basic aim is to climb as many floors as possible in a race against the clock.

The simplicity of Icy Tower is one of the reasons that made it such a cult classic and it soon becomes addictive. However, the Mac version has many technical bugs and shortcomings. The most glaring is that it does not run on either Lion or Mountain Lion although the developers fail to make this clear. It only works on Snow Leopard or lower. In addition, there's no way to play Icy Tower in full-size screen although the recent revision history suggests that you should be able to.

Icy Tower is a faithful reproduction of the original but the fact that it doesn't work on either Lion or Mountain Lion is a major drawback.

Icy Tower


Icy Tower 1.5.2

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