iScreensaver Designer

iScreensaver Designer

Create your own multimedia screensavers


  • Supports drag and drop
  • Supports images, video and audio
  • Creates screensaver installers


  • Example screensaver wouldn't open
  • No button for adding images


It's easy to create your own personalized screensavers if you know how and iScreensaver Designer is an excellent tool for doing so.

Screensaver Designer 4 is a cross-platform screensaver editor that instantly converts QuickTime compatible images, movies, and Adobe Flash files into a standard screensaver.

It even creates an installer so that you can share it with your friends.

When you open Screensaver Designer 4 for the first time, it asks if you want to load an example project to work with.

However, when I tried to do this, I received several error messages telling me that the program could not locate certain crucial system files.

To start your own project, just go to File and Open. Give your project a name and away you go.

The buttons across the top of the interface are fairly self explanatory - you can add video and even audio or just simply drag and drop media into the main interface.

Why there is no button to allow you to add pictures though I'm not quite sure. You can mix and match your creations until you're happy with them and then use the Preview button to test your screensavers.

To share it with others, simply click the Installer button.

Screensaver Designer 4 will appeal to both novices and professionals who want an easy way to create their own screensavers.

Provides support for OS X 10.6.


  • Provides support for OS X 10.6.

iScreensaver Designer is a cross-platform screensaver maker. The editor makes screensavers for both Macintosh and Windows. Use any QuickTime-compatible movie or picture (including MPEG, MOOV, AVI, Macromedia Flash, PICT, JPEG, TIFF, and BMP files) and build a self-contained screensaver with a one-click installer.

Customize your screensaver with artwork, web linking, unlockable content, QuickTime version checking, using a simple but powerful WYSIWYG editor.

iScreensaver Designer


iScreensaver Designer

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