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When you've got to send an extra special message, sometimes, words alone just don't quite cut it. With Kanvas Lab, not only can you makeover images and photos from your camera roll before attaching to messages, emails and social media posts, you can put together dynamic GIFs and mini animations for even more personalized greetings then ever before.

The Kanvas Lab app comes already stocked with hundreds of existing images and GIFs you can use and send straight away, with an expansive collection of themed favourites so you've always something to celebrate a specific occasion. Get festive at Christmas with Santa and snowmen themed GIFs and stickers, or have fun with custom art options and free text fields.

Create a response a friend or family member won't forget any time soon when you mock up your own images in Kanvas Lab. Take existing shots and snaps from your image folders and give them a bold makeover with a host of art tools and editing options.

Have fun with sparkly stickers and quirky animations, and be sure to add some animated text for sending an extra special greeting. Put together a GIF of portraits of a loved one over the years for the perfect birthday message, or create a new meme and set the social media world alight.

With Flipbook Messages, you can choose up to 150 individual photos from your collection and make scrolling stories and photo books with ease. Perfect if you want to celebrate a friendship, why not make up a flipbook from a Facebook timeline and show everyone just how much you've changed over the years. You'll be able to browse Instagram and Facebook albums for the raw materials, while the intuitive app will take care of the rest and compile your animated flipbook that you can then enjoy and send off to your intended recipient.

This app is incredibly simple to use, with simple swipe and tap controls, allowing you to adjust colour temperature, brightness and contrast, lighting effects and more. Make minor touches for when you're taking things more seriously, or have fun with quirky stickers and funky after-effects for when you're out to raise a smile.

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Kanvas Lab 1.1.2-Lab

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