LightWav (Treo 600/650) Pro 2.6

Play MP3, WAV or OGG as ringtones on your Palm Treo

LightWav is the ultimate MIDI/WAV/MP3/OGG/WMA/AAC ringtone manager for Treo600/650. Use custom JPG, GIF/GIF Animation, Live!, 3GP Camcorder video as picture and video callerID, assign ringers to individual or groups in the Contact application, MegaSound, Incoming call log, callerID blocking, Pickup and Hangup, SMS blocking and much more...

Features of the program include:

  • Random ringtones
  • Block any callerID
  • Block sms messages
  • Live! video or GIF animation Video Caller ID
  • Use camcorder video on the T650 as video callerID
  • Use any JPG file as picture callerID
  • Set loud ringtone sounds
  • Use any wave, mp3/ogg for ringtones/sms/mms/voicemail
  • Assign individual/group sound files to Contact and Favorite list
  • Streaming wave sound
  • Convert wave file from card to RAM
  • Use Lightwav as a wave player
  • Wave file can be any size. Only limited to the RAM
  • Compatible with PocketTunes(tm) 2.1 and higher and AeroPlayer 5.1r

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LightWav (Treo 600/650) Pro 2.6

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