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Sometimes you just want a no-thrills, lightweight image browser to go through your photo collection.

If uploading and image editing is not your thing then try Phoenix Slides, which is a lightweight, fast full-screen image browser allowing you to display lossless JPEG transformations and accompanying EXIF data.

The beauty of Phoenix Slides lies in its simplicity. You browse images using a tree viewer and can use the keyboard to navigate through the thumbnails, making it ideal for those that struggle with bloated photo apps.

If you want to view photos in full-screen mode no problem - just click once to expand the image to it's full size. Alternatively, you can take a selection of images to view as a slide show. There are no editing options in Phoenix Slides but there is a slider at the bottom that magnifies and reduces the size of the thumbnails accordingly. You can also rotate images 360 degrees if needed.

There is nothing outstanding about Phoenix Slides other than its impressive speed - images are loaded in seconds and compiling slideshows is a breeze.

Phoenix Slides


Phoenix Slides 1.2.6

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