RC Mod

RC Mod 2.1

Change the colors of your screen


  • Allows you to change the look of many elements of your mobile OS


  • You'll soon get bored with the new colour schemes


Too much of the same thing can get a little boring sometimes and just like a divorce, RC Mod is a great way of freshening up your life a bit.

The program gives you the ability to change the factory settings of your Windows Mobile device.

The program gives you plenty of options and controls for tweaking the colours of your toolbars and menu text, the Today screen, and even your contacts list.

Although you'll eventually get bored of your new colour schemes, RC Mod is still a good app for making your handheld device look a little more interesting for a while.

RC Mod is a simple interface color customization application. With RC Mod 2. 1 you can change the color of your glossy Windows Media 6 top and bottom bars plus the color of the text in the bars, making it ideal for personalizing your device.

RC Mod


RC Mod 2.1

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