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Free Screen Recorder

Free Screen Recorder 8.3.0

Ideal for making quick screen movies

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  • Bunny RBX

    by Bunny RBX

    I recommend this because its easy to use and i never ever made such good videos before and with this recorder in the ...   More

  • Kerry Brown

    by Kerry Brown

    This is a wonderful program recorder, its easy and helpful.. love it much and i hope that you add more features on it..   More

  • Rohit Raj

    by Rohit Raj

    This is my first recording software that I'm using and it has been so easy to use! The interface is clean and easy to...   More

  • lara dani

    by lara dani

    i cannot get the red flashy things of my screen also i cannot delete this app..   More

  • adam selim

    by adam selim

    is this recorder for to record games roof top games why pls lol.   More

  • by Stephan Janssens

    So far it's a good recording program, and I found this software Very Useful for Beginners it's really easy to use..   More

  • haa! TUBE

    by haa! TUBE

    annoying watermark of their website, what a big waste of time.   More

  • Muhammad Naveed

    by Muhammad Naveed

    it is a very good and beneficial soft ware for me i used it a lot and got benefit.   More

  • basim sherif

    by basim sherif

    A good screen capture software with lots of features. Best part is, it can even record sounds from both computer and ...   More

  • Donald Tan

    by Donald Tan

    Excellent! The best screen recorder software I have ever seen..   More



    So good! With many useful settings, such as auto recording. And to avoid the mouse click noise, you can disable it on...   More

  • Sarah McPherson

    by Sarah McPherson

    it will not work with down load n' stuff i tried over and over but my pc crashed.   More

  • Clifford Deal

    by Clifford Deal

    Failed to download. Can not even TRY something THAT"S NOT THERE..   More

  • Allen Ge

    by Allen Ge

    Doesn't look that bad, but some people say that there's a water mark on the video. Can it also record games because t...   More

  • Peter Mitchell

    by Peter Mitchell

    Supports dual screen! That's a useful feature for me, and not many screen recorder software can do this..   More

  • Kawall Hilary

    by Kawall Hilary

    Record onscreen activity, a great way to create video tutorials, good!.   More

  • sayjay 1554

    by sayjay 1554

    Its not too bad just not as good as payable ones like it says. But it s a good simple one to start with.   More

  • s nedunuri

    by s nedunuri

    seems to work fine but leaves a big fat watermark on the video, something the review fails to mention.   More

  • Emma-Jay Lee

    by Emma-Jay Lee

    I don't mind having a watermark in my video but it in the middle of my screen. Could you change that, I wouldn't mind...   More

  • Shariful Islam Bappy

    by Shariful Islam Bappy

    looks good.
    looks good. and its begging for 60 words and i am stuck.5more.   More

  • Paris Stassen

    by Paris Stassen

    why do i gotta pay for it but it was saying FREE..
    u used it and i like it but i did not like after a some uses ...   More

  • Monotonous Fruit

    by Monotonous Fruit

    It's broken, please fix..
    It won't let me reopen the app. It just tells me it's going to make changes to my comp...   More

  • Aspie

    by Aspie

    Decent, but maybe a little buggy.
    So far, not bad, but I keep hearing this weird beep noise when I click on stuf...   More

  • bell

    by bell

    it was bas .
    tribal its not good at all it wont even download at first i hate this no thanks
    Pros: nothing<...   More

  • Lenny Aman

    by Lenny Aman

    i am just doing this for the download #freedownload im going to try it.   More

  • by Charles Callan

    I FOUND IT OUT! it is hacking your computer! got to the videos folder, and there should be a clip. it is r...   More

  • Gage Hammer

    by Gage Hammer

    Lied it said it was compatible with chrome os but it is not .Untrustworthy website
    Pros: Nothing Not ...   More

  • Filip The Gamer

    by Filip The Gamer

    I think that this is really good, because it is totally free and it has good quality..   More

  • Shadow-Gaming .

    by Shadow-Gaming .

    Won't let me open it.
    same @Kenny Graal it won't let me open it again it keeps saying do u want this program to ...   More

  • by Anonymous

    for gameing and for slide show i need it i think this is best for gameing.   More