Tom Chan's Palm Microban

Tom Chan's Palm Microban 0.4

Push boxes in this 27-level Sokoban clone


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Save/load option
  • Customise the game board


  • Terrible graphics


If you're the kind of person who loves pushing boxes across a floor to fill spaces then you'll have a ball playing this game. Tom Chan's Palm Microban is a clone of the Sokoban, the frustrating old classic where you need to shift cubes around a walled maze.

As in any Sokoban game, your goal is to put a number of boxes in the holes available in each of the 27 levels. The graphics are very primitive but the gameplay is addictive enough to keep you nipping off to "the toilet" at work to try and suss out how to get a block around a corner.

Tom Chan's creation comes with a number of neat features to make the gaming experience more enjoyable, including colour customisation, five-way navigation keys and configurable buttons.

Although it's not much to look at, Palm Microban is a challenging and engrossing Sokoban clone.

Tom Chan's Palm Microban is a free implementation of the famous Sokoban game. The application contains a wide range of features including support level packs, save/load/export game, color customization, hi-res screen, five-way navigation keys and configurable buttons.

To play the game, install tcMicroban-colour.prc or tcMicroban-mono.prc and some level packs to your Palm. Select "Load Set..." from the menu or tap on the folder icon at the bottom to pick a set, then start the game.

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Tom Chan's Palm Microban


Tom Chan's Palm Microban 0.4

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