VioTalk 2.6.11

VIOTALK makes the digital communication message complete, without using phone or your computer memory.

VIOTALK instant video messenging & live video conferencing and share video message across all social media platforms easily

VIOTALK makes the digital communication message complete, without using your phone memory record and send instant cloud video messages easily by text messages,email and also share on Whatsapp and other social media sites easily. with the ability to send instant video messages and organize live video conferencing by simply sharing event id.

How does it work? Communication is a dynamic process with the interacting components of sending, receiving messages. Non-verbal communication regulates relationships between messages and meaning, and may support or replace verbal communication. From the previous study (Birdwhistell, 1970), non-verbal communication occupies about 60-65% of human communication, which means that it is impossible to complete human communication without non-verbal one. Body language penetrates the personal secrets of strangers, friends and lovers by interpreting their body movements, and how to make use of body language powers.

But in digital communications such as the testing with a phone, email using The Internet using computers just uses typing WORDS. However, a human communication is composed of not only words but also sensitivity-like non-verbal one. Non-verbal information like the human voice, gesture, and emotion rather than verbal one is more useful to understand the user's inclination exactly. However, it is quite difficult to catch the meaning of non-verbal information without looking at recording video of the person non-verbal behavior.

A discrepancy may also arise if the sender's message does not fit the receiver's perception of social norms for the particular situation. Although these difficulties and discrepancy have occurred in human communication, the non-verbal information gives clues for solving the difficulties and discrepancy of communication.

Viotalk simple and easy way of instant live video communication helps to get in touch with our friends,family and customers easily by video text messages,video email and share video on all social media sites including Whatsapp.



VioTalk 2.6.11

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