Weblock For Kids

Weblock For Kids 1.2

Let your kids navigate the web safely


  • Blocks ads automatically
  • Create different profiles with different settings
  • Easy to use for kids
  • Powerful controls for parents


  • Installer loaded with bloatware
  • No preloaded lists of safe sites


Weblock For Kids is a web browser that's designed to let parents control what their kids look at on the web so that navigating is safe and secure.

Letting your kids browse the internet can be a nerve-wracking experience. There are plenty of sites that you don't want your children accessing, but you shouldn't keep them from learning and having fun on the web. Weblock For Kids is a simple browser that puts security and safety into the hands of parents.

Weblock For Kids makes things simple by giving parents a way to add safe sites to a list that shows up on the home page. There is a search and URL bar at the top that allow your kids to search anything. If you have younger kids that you don't want to go to any other sites that aren't on your safe list, Weblock For Kids includes Kid mode. Kid mode is basically a mode where the browser goes full screen with only a back, forward, home, and exit button. Your kid will not be able to search or navigate to another URL that's not on the home page. You can lock this mode down with a password so that your child can't get out of Kid mode without your password.

There is also the ability to set browsing time limits and to read detailed logs about everything your kid did in the browser. Weblock For Kids will let you know what sites they visit, for how long, and if they tried to do anything like modifying the settings.

Weblock For Kids is a great application for getting younger kids online safely and securely but there are a few issues with the application. First of all, Weblock For Kids doesn't include a default list of safe sites. Secondly, the installer is loaded with bloatware. It tries four times to get you to install additional software.

Overall, Weblock For Kids is a great first browser for you kids and will help them graduate to use a regular browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Weblock For Kids


Weblock For Kids 1.2

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